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Marked moment

Tuesday 10/4/22

It's coming up on one in the morning. I am not normally up this late, but I will be up for some time yet. I am aflame with life and I want to record this moment in these pages. I have more than ever to set down in this journal. About what I've been doing, and also blows to strike in this war I am in. I'm going to leave that aside for right now. I had come up with an idea for a story over the weekend on my way to run stairs. I'll have an idea and that is plenty. The rest will either simply come to me or I will apply myself to the idea. Open myself wholly to it when the time is right. I lay in bed and I started to do just that, and the entire story was made known to me. The entire thing. For an hour I had a lump in my throat--which I still have now--as I lay there, and then I began to cry I was so moved by this story. It is a story that millions and millions of adults and children can love for all-time. Or all human time. I don't want to say the name. The story I am talking about will be apparent when one sees any of it. I just wanted to record this event shortly after it happened. Before a single formal word is written. I will take my time in the writing of the formal words. The words on the page. But I have the whole thing. I am listening to one of the Tallis Scholars' sets of Josquin masses right now, Missa Sine Nomine & Missa Ad Fugam, which seems appropriate. I think I will make some tea and try to return to a normal state.

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