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Matt Damon, the Fraud King

I have not watched Saturday Night Live much--for more than a few minutes--since I was in middle school. I also tend not to be up then, because I get up and create work that has actual value for the world, and I like an early start. If you are not in middle school, you should not find it funny, certainly not if you possess any level of intelligence. It's a program you watch nowadays, if you're an adult, so you can white knight it up.

Matt Damon did a Kavanaugh cold intro on Saturday. He's a repulsive human being, Damon. Let's be logical, yes? Do you think there is any way this guy did not know all about Harvey Weinstein for many years? He has a tendency to say stupid things, too, which get him in trouble with women, not because his remarks are incorrect (the only people who don't think there are levels of abuse are the people who have never been actually abused in this world on multiple occasions), as the women targeting him don't care if he's correct (they just want to have at another man, and any excuse will do), but because he's not that articulate. He says things stupidly.

And his best friend, Ben Affleck, is a drunken trainwreck bro by any measure. Terrible person, an actual misogynist, and a drunk. Destroyed his family because of said drunkeness. So Damon goes on Saturday Night Live and makes fun of Kavanugh's drinking--for why should you have any self-awareness or think that you're a giant ass hypocrite considering that your best friend/business partner, whom you've probably enabled, is a real drunk, not an alleged one, despite there being no proof that the guy you're ripping into drinks very much at all--and if you don't think that's him sitting down with his people and brainstorming on how to white knight himself, make up for his past verbal "transgressions," and get on the right side of Larry Law (let's call it Laura Law)--meaning, women who will seek to destroy him if he says something dumb going forward--I wonder what you do know in this life.

And Good Will Hunting? It's treacle. Watchable. I'm not saying, of course, it's as bad as anything like what you see in 2018 publishing. I mean, obviously. But it's not well done, the lines are forced, the characters are cardboard one-dimensional cliches, the whole "do you like apples" set-up is contrived, and that's not even how that phrase works. To see proper use of it, check it out in Rio Bravo (1959), which I'm sure Damon stole it from (not because he studies film, but because some instructor had him watch it), and he couldn't even do that correctly.

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