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Matters salubrity

Monday 5/15/23

The four things that people who live the longest are most likely to drink a lot of: green tea, black tea, black coffee, water.

Yesterday marked 2499 days, or 257 weeks, without any alcohol. Which makes today 2500 days--a nice round number.

Lost a lot of last week on the workout front due to the illness, so no stairs for several days. I did walk three miles on Thursday--which was a mistake, as I felt worse after, with a throbbing headache--and then six on Friday--just to be doing something. I've done my push-ups every day, though. Not a spectacular number: just the 100. But I think my form is pretty solid now. Hands pulled back, even with the chest, and tight to the body; elbows going straight up and down, forearms staying in; shoulders pulled back.

Saturday, Sunday, and today, I ran 5000 stairs each day, and also walked six miles yesterday.

Every last stair is a part of being strong enough to beat the bigots of publishing.

I saw a study--it was a poll--in which twenty-five percent of millennials said that they don't have a close friend, and twenty-two percent said that they had no friends. This was done before COVID, so I'm sure the numbers would be higher; and that's just what people admit. Not a millennial thing. People don't have friends. In order to have a friend, you need to be able to be a friend. A friend is not an activity partner. Friendship requires standards that one holds one's self to, and expects the same from the friend. People don't have standards for themselves. Friendship is active. It is trying to do what is right and best. It's effort. People make no effort that they don't have to. Friendship is also vulnerability and honesty. People are not able to be vulnerable nor honest. Pretty much ever. People are isolated, disconnected, alone. That's where the illusions offered by social media enter. And people become more alone, more broken, more mentally ill, more insecure, less knowing, more lost, more resentful of salubrity, ability, self-awareness in others. Which is frequently not relevant, because most everyone else is just like them. And it gets worse every year.


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