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Wednesday 11/23/22

It's a little after four in the AM. Just wanted to record a few items. I could write in these pages constantly and still not be up to date or have included everything that should be here. Yesterday I wrote about 7000 words. I finished the "Love Me Do" piece after going over it yet again--ended up at 3500 words. I added it to Just Like Them: A Piece by Piece Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Thinking Person's Beatles Fan. It's actually the last piece in the book now and a strong way to end it. Start at the beginning.

I wrote an 1800 word story. I don't know what it is. It will need time and work. I wrote a 1800 feature on the 1957 television program, The Sound of Jazz. Created two more versions of Peanuts pieces. The experience with the pieces pertaining to this subject--which should have been a simple matter of a 2000 word feature and an op-ed--has been an exhausting nightmare of more of usual bullshit with which I deal for reasons that never have anything to do with the work. I worked more on "A BETTER MAN THAN YOU," which stands at 3800 words. It's an amazing story.

An editor texted me last night and asked me to make something longer, so I did.

Yesterday I did 100 push-ups and ran 3000 stairs, the same as Monday. On Saturday I ran 5000 stairs, walked three miles, and did 500 push-ups. I went to Charlestown to also do the Monument, but when I got there it was closed for some reason. I don't know why it would have been. Hopefully this is not another extended closure. On Saturday I did 200 push-ups and ran another 5000 stairs.

I've done a lot of head work on "Best Present Ever."

Sunday marked 2324 days, or 332 weeks, without a drink.


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