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Name this player behind one of the oddest stats in baseball history

Thursday 1/11/24

Bit of a game with this one--I'm not going to reveal in this post the player I'm talking about. Will do that later on. But here's something mind-blowing, and I can't think of anything in baseball history like it. Also: This isn't a player from the Negro Leagues who only had a short stint in MLB because of the horror of segregation.

You have a player who was mostly a starting pitcher. His career season-high for wins was 11. Another year he had 10 wins. Those were the only two seasons he hit double digits.

His career record was 81-91. He was never an All-Star. Once he finished seventh in ERA. One year he went 3-21, leading the league in losses. Another year he went 1-10 with a 5.38 ERA.

His career ERA was 3.78. His career ERA+ was 99. His career WHIP was 1.400.

He pitched in the postseason in four seasons. He was good in two of them. His career postseason ERA was 2.75.

These days, players can be on the Hall of Fame ballot for ten years, so long as they get at least 5% of the vote. It used to be fifteen years.

The player above remained on the Hall of Fame ballot--that is, he never got less than 5% of the vote--for the full fifteen years.

Who is the player?


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