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Tuesday 2/20/24

Wrote a story this morning called "Last Thought of a Dying 101-Year-Old Man." It's a war story. And a life story. A story of living. I'm not done. I may be. We will see if it is. I was supposed to work on "Friendship Bracelet" to start the day but I needed to create something new.

Boston College must be really serious about selling season tickets for football now that Bill O'Brien has been hired. Someone there called me yesterday on Presidents' Day.

The Bruins closed out their subpar extended home stand with a shootout win over the Stars yesterday. Swayman faced a lot of rubber--had to make 43 saves. Thought Charlie MacAvoy had a strong game. Really nice pass to set up Pastrnak and tie the game with the goalie pulled. I have no issue with the Bruins slumping. What I don't want to see is a team going along a certain way and thinking they can just keep going that way and they'll have playoff success, because that's not how it works.

Watched the first serial of Sapphire and Steel. Very much impressed with it. This and Children of the Stones have to be two of the smartest shows ever made for children, but each is also smarter than almost all adult shows so it's almost more of a subhead hook kind of deal.

Read The Mystery of the Invisible Dog, a Three Investigators mystery written by M.V. Carey--and arguably her best contribution to the series--which takes place over the boys' Christmas break. It's after Christmas, but there are still decorations up and that kind of thing. I've read it a bunch of times, of course. I just about always have a Three Investigators book going along with whatever other books I'm reading. All of the various covers for this one are very misleading. The dog of the title is a glass sculpture--ARTnews is mentioned in the book.

Went to the Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes program at the Brattle on Sunday.

On Saturday I had to write an email to someone at the Department of Revenue because the multi-year nightmare with the government that The Wall Street Journal created for me is still going on.

I haven't done well on the fitness front. Yesterday I walked three miles and did 100 push-ups. Sunday I walked a couple miles, ran 3000 stairs, and did 200 push-ups. Walked nine miles, did three circuits in the Monument and 200 push-ups. Sunday marked 2779 days, or 397 weeks, without a drink.

Worked on "Box Art" throughout yesterday.


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