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No cross

Wednesday 9/6/23

Remember that nearly everyone has an agenda--now more than ever--and very rarely does their motivation come from a healthy place or one of self-assurance.

Yesterday I saw an online discussion about where Alexander Ovechkin ranks on the all-time list of hockey players. I'd have him around #30.

Says a lot about a writer--or any person who creates anything--when they're described as a cross between such and such or when they're pleased--they almost always are--by this description. What it really means is they are not in the slightest bit original, and here are two people they are derivative of. The current publishing system is so backwards and anti-originality, anti-imagination, and anti-talent, that it prefers a writer to be derivative.

Who am I cross of? Laughable. Can't even begin to play that game with me and my work.

Today I have worked on three short stories, two books, a Beatles feature, film feature, jazz feature, started an op-ed, ran 3000 stairs, and Facetimed my three-year-old niece (and by extension my mom) whilst sitting in a park.

My niece had an easel with a whiteboard and wanted to be the teacher and I'd be the student, and then she commanded me to sing my ABCs. Given the public park, this was a problem, with people around who'd think I was that crazy guy singing the alphabet to himself. My mom interceded and said I didn't know them, which my niece immediately accepted--she required no convincing--though she did seem disappointed in me. When she wanted to go, she had us do a high five for which she provided a sound effect.

Red Sox fought back last night against the Rays before falling in extras. They competed. The players haven't given up. The front office did, and really gave up before the season started with the roster that was put together.

Adam Duvall is going to finish in the low twenties in homers, despite all the time he missed. Justin Turner is going to drive in 100 runs, while having less than 25 homers. He's good at doing what needs to be done to score a runner when someone's in scoring position. Triston Casas will finish with 27 homers or so. It's okay stuff, but the first two guys are aging out anyway. I'd expect this to be it for Duvall with the Sox and you wouldn't think Turner will replicate this season. It hasn't exactly come out of nowhere but it's surprising given the player and his age.

Ran 5000 stairs Friday and Saturday, then 3000 Monday and Tuesday. These weekdays have been toasty. Not very autumnal. Saturday I began work at 3 in the AM. Wrote a Beatles feature. Monday I began work at midnight. Wrote another Beatles feature.

Watched The Faculty (1998) and Massacre at Central High School (1976). Former is unoriginal whatever, latter is strange. Stylized action, but not stylized technique. Downloaded the fifteenth anniversary edition of Jamie T's Panic Prevention. Listened to the Manic Street Preachers' Everything Must Go.

Work harder.

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