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No vitiate

Friday 1/28/22

* Ran 3000 stairs. Good to be back at it.

* Just about completed a 2500 word essay on the 1891 novel, New Grub Street, and the current state of publishing. Simply needs a last read.

* Bloomsbury asked me to do a piece on the relationship between music and sports. Said yes.

* Nearly done with the jazz book. Or getting there, anyway. Working on it post-stairs in my sweat. It's at 48,000 words right now. Have decided I will write an introduction which will, among other things, look at the relationship between jazz and prose.

* Worked some more on the Beatles love songs piece. Should already be done, but will be done by Monday at the absolute latest.

* Have something on L.J. Davis's A Meaningful Life that I believe I can fashion into something quite usable.

* Short story "Read the Ice" may be in spring issue of Salmagundi. Don't know. When it comes out it will come out. Did have something else--nonfiction--to offer and did.

* Must now screen Children of the Stones and Chimes at Midnight. Need to do the Jelly Roll Morton piece. Complete the stories "Carlyle" and "Complete Set." Then get back to "Up the Sea" for There Is No Doubt and "The Hornet." Then finish "Movie Night." Plus, the two others that were mostly written this week. Asked JazzTimes to update my bio.

* Completing a number of Everything Wrong with Publishing posts.

* Very locked in right now. Side note: grateful that I don't drink, because that would compromise my strength and vitiate my purpose.


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