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Not a match

Monday 9/28/20

These things are quite predictable. One must note that a person like this woman does this many times throughout her day. It's a huge part of her identity. But I thought it would be interesting to put up an example of how casual and ingrained a form of sexism now is in in our culture. This isn't just the go-to for many people, it's how they try to see the world. That what they say is divorced from reality is not germane, because reality is not germane to such a person. I could show you 500 examples of this--it's like a song you know every note of. You can tell how it will go, what the phrasing will be, what charges will be leveled. They cannot wait to level those charges. Personally, I couldn't imagine talking to someone like this out of the blue, saying to a woman, "one of you will prove the exception." The pretentiousness coupled with the total ignorance--note the grammar--and not having a clue at all how insulting this is, the generalizations being made, the objectification, and then crying victim and misogyny. And no clue as to the meaning of words.

Academic: Thank you! At least you mentioned articulate, following your lively profile rant, my rant would be along the lines of ‘it’s quite archaic and boringly patriarchal to have men only comment on appearance.’ Side of things. (This had me laughing and crying) And reading all of these profiles, I know what huge Thoreau buffs so many of you are. Kidding of course. This is a miasma of simplicity to the point that you can’t help but wonder about our general devolution. But one of you will prove the exception. Or that’s my fleeting hope, anyway. I can very much appreciate your verbosity and frustration. It’s rough out there!

C: Not at all what the word "verbosity" means. Don't say that to someone, unless you mean to insult them. Nor is that what the word "rant" means.

Academic: Shirtless selfies and pics of hot rods or dogs...I’m dying a slow painful death. At least the cross dresser was interesting.

C: Might want to can the lazy sexism, too.

Academic: Awesome. More misogyny. Peace out

C: Nor remotely what the word misogyny means, though you do seem to have the market cornered on misandry, self-loathing, and projection. Someone knowing the actual meaning of words and not wishing to be casually insulted is in no ways sexist. It's called being smart and having self-respect. You might wish to try being a decent person.

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