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Not enough

Thursday 11/30/23

More novelette work.

Effort and production needs to be far better everywhere. These are poor showings. I'm failing myself. Significantly.

Walked three miles--to Charlestown and back. Last week I walked over there to see if the Bunker Hill Monument was open, despite the ongoing renovation, which had resulted in its latest extended closing.

Turns out it was open. I had already ran stairs at City Hall that day and showered, so I walked up once, just to be in there again.

Today I did three circuits. Obviously not great, but that's where most of my stair-running should be done. It's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but the Monument stairs are the best of all the stairs I've ran. The best workout. Three circuits isn't terrible, but the daily minimum should be five.

This is the time of year, too, when I should have the joint mostly to myself. It's just better inside then. Need to take advantage of that.

FaceTimed my niece Amelia last night. It's really important for her to hang up on you. All of a sudden she just goes, "Bye, Colin," and I said, "Hey, you little rascal, you're not hanging up on me, I know what you're doing." She liked that. Then I said, "Okay, fine, whatever, do it if it means that much to you," and boom--she hits that red button. Fade to black.

Afterwards she managed to get a hold of my mother's phone so that she could text me. You can probably tell which are from her.


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