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Note to self for tomorrow's work

Wednesday 11/17/21

Solid work today. Keep the focus tomorrow. Up it. Wrote the first 2500 words of one of the new books. Do the rest of the proposal tomorrow, get that in. Revised the Otis Redding Christmas essay today. Read it one more time tomorrow. Then revise the Freddie Redd essay, and send both to the editor. Check once more and see if the advanced copy of Get Back is available. Let's write this piece with celerity and thoroughness. Make it clear what you are. Jump into the essay collection again for the final reading before sending it to the person waiting for it. Work on the short stories "The Hornet" and "Up the Sea." Start them rolling again. Keep trying to find a home for the Beatles op-ed for next week. People are going to shit themselves when they see the "Everything wrong with publishing" blog that was written today. Read it again tomorrow--air tight. Not so much as a typo. You know the ones you have to do after that--some people are not going to have a very merry Thanksgiving. Light these people up, and keep going. You're going to win. They don't have anything except their hate, cowardice, envy, and fear. Those things cannot beat you. Track down more of the money you are owed, too. Total focus, matchless art, no mercy when we get there.


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