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Notes to a friend

Wednesday 11/27/19

The painting is Delacroix's Jacob Wrestling with the Angel

Jacob stole his brother's Esau's birthright

When you read the post, you will understand the reference

And Jacob, a mortal man, obviously wrestled an angel

Jacob wrestled the angel--God--for an entire night

When the sun arose, God said, "it is the dawn, release me."

Jacob refused.

He said, "I will only release you if you bless me."

And God did.

And so Jacob became the only human to see God and continue to live.

I wrestle God in the night. The night of the blackness of this hell. I see God in my art. But I have not yet been blessed. So I continue to fight.

Of course, any one of these fucking idiots that have awards handed to them could tell you any of this.

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