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Friday 8/13/21

Went to the dentist for the first time in too long yesterday. I haven't had X-rays in over three years, and I didn't get them again. I just couldn't afford them.

I haven't been keeping a solid record lately on here of what I've been doing writing-wise and what's been coming out, because I haven't had a chance. It's out of control how much I am creating. But I have a list, and I'll make sure the record is complete.

I ran 5000 stairs every day since Saturday, when I had run 10,000, except for today, when I only ran 3000. Sitting here naked now waiting to stop sweating before I shower. It's pouring out of my back still. I'll see if I can get a haircut. I might just get my head shaved completely.

Red Sox demolished yesterday. They will finish fourth in the division. Will that be a worse collapse than 1978? I think so, yes. It won't be looked at that way, because that '78 team had much more talent and the stakes were bigger, the expectations were higher, and it seemed like they were on their way. Finishing fourth, things kind of just get buried. And the '78 team lost at the end in easy-to-identify-and-remember fashion.

I watched a little of the Patriots preseason game last night. Belichick will lose his job if he sticks with Newton. You can't win with him. Mac Jones was okay. The ball comes out faster than it does with Newton who plays quarterback like he doesn't have a clue how the position works, but he wasn't especially accurate. If he's the type of person who learns and improves, he'll do just that and I think you'll see him better next game. He needs to be the starter. I'm not sure Newton can be a back-up. But damn, what are you supposed to do, have Hoyer in that role? Hoyer is impressively awful. It's amazing that he's stuck around in the league as long as he has. You see guys like that in professional sports. Look up Sandy Leon's numbers, for instance, in baseball. He's just one of the worst hitters of this century. And he's not that good defensively. But he's still in the league.


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