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One place in the world gives you the truth about publishing and this is that one place

Monday 1/27/20

Started laughing my ass off today when I saw this New York Times op-ed posted on Facebook as proof that the publishing system is broken. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I cannot type that two-letter word enough. Ha. You think that is the proof? That is hilarious. There is only one thing that can save the written word--well, two things--and publishing (by completely overhauling it; after razing it to ash first, if need be), and that is this writer and what he does and can do, and this blog.

You think publishing kinda/sorta looks broken because of what is in that NYT op-ed? Well, then do I have some reading for you. Pull up a chair. Carve out some time, and start reading this blog.

Because there is nothing more corrupt, backwards, and bigoted, sick, toxic, incestuous, as an industry, in history, literally, than what publishing is right now. It is a killing floor of decency and sanity and it all happens behind closed doors, and I know it for what it is at every last level, because I am the only person involved at every last level, because these people have made everything happen behind their curtain so they can get away with everything.

What you read about in that NYT op-ed is like a hangnail compared to this slaughterhouse of evil. Pure, straight up, evil. That is cute, NYT. That is seriously the funniest thing I have heard in years. Actual years. You think that is the kinda/sorta proof that maybe publishing is not right? You have no fucking idea. You are as far from the mark if you said it was a wonderland of justice and merit and good writing if you think that reveals anything approaching what is really happening.

Read the blog. It is the only thing that is going to give you the actual truth about publishing.

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