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Pacey morning

Wednesday 7/12/23

Have a pacey morning. Need to write a feature, run my stairs, and get out to the airport to meet my mom who is coming into town for a few days.

Did head work on a new ghost story about a hunter.

Started "The Quiet Chickadee" which is one of last of the stories that need to be written for The Solution to the World's Problems.

A few lines from that letter to my nieces and nephew ended up going into "Attic Cantata." One never knows where something is going to come from and must always be open to all.

Bit of bookkeeping: won't be on Downtown again. All I'll say for now is it was a long time coming and I felt much better right away.

During that newly available time last night I went to the Brattle to see The Adventures of Robin Hood on 35mm. That was exciting. One slight drawback with 35mm is the color isn't the same, and the print was somewhat washed out, which matters more with this particular film. But I had never seen it on the big screen and it's a film I've long wanted to see that way. I love the scene where Robin shows up at the banquet carrying the deer. All of these corrupt fools and frauds in one place, and one man says what he has to say and then fights his way out against all of them.

Also getting off the train at Harvard was a woman with a New Yorker tote bag, wearing a mask and green winter gloves like she was the Green Hornet. Totally fitting that tote bag, I thought. Exactly who I'd expect to have one. I would say the chances were high, too, that she's an editor at a literary magazine. That's who I'm sending along my story to. That's the kind of person--just with what all of that suggests, before everything else--who knows me and what I'm about, or who comes here and sees what they see, and has the power in that moment--or so they think--or the likes of me. It was roasting as well, too, being July and all.

Put together most of a pitch for a book on what I consider the seven key films of Powell and Pressburger and what I call their humanitarian cinema.

Anyway, must hustle and will need to look presentable for mom. One knows how that goes with mothers. It has been a long time--four and a half years.

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