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Friday 7/3/20

My sister Kara sent me these two photos yesterday. The first one is of my late father and my late sister Kerrin. My father died at fifty-three, in 2001. Kerrin died at thirty-four, in 2014. The photo would be from the 1980s. I miss both of them a lot. Seeing Kerrin, who had to struggle with so much, looking happy here made me cry yesterday when I was sitting in a park after my run and I got the texts. I wish I could talk to my dad about what I’m facing and up against in this evil industry, but I think what he’d tell me to do is keep going, that I can beat these people. Anyway. I love them both. They’re each a part of who I am.

And this is Kara and me. It seems on her shirt that there's a photo of her and Kerrin with Ernie, the Sesame Street character, so this must have been a theme park kind of thing. And the Oscar the Grouch-style trash cans, of course. I may have been trying to channel Oscar. I'm not sure.

This is us as adults.

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