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Pooh, pastries, Mac Jones

Monday 11/8/21

* My eight-year-old nephew is perturbed with me because I got him a birthday card that had Winnie-the-Pooh on it. I was asked why I did this, and it sounded like a trick question to me, as I could not see the problem. True, the CVS has limited birthday card selections for nephews--they have a niece section but not a nephew section. And let us face it: most cards suck ass. They are juvenile attempts to be funny and really could only be enjoyed by a dolt. So I do not wish to insult the boy's intelligence. After searching for some time, Pooh was my best option, but to be honest, I did not think of this as a "kids" thing. I still read those books. I have a handsome complete edition, actually. My niece and nephew don't like Peanuts, and if you don't want one of the imbecilic humor cards, Peanuts are pretty much your best bet. There is treacle and goo--emotional melodrama--but those cards are saved for adults. (I get these for adults, because it's just easier and in my experience people read into these cards and put great store by the words, which is depressing, but if it makes them happier on their happy day that is fine with me. The better course would be to write a true and heartfelt letter, but it probably wouldn't be read. So I grab a card I barely scan. If the card has some sort of ribbon threaded through it, or there is a prevailing blue and white color scheme, chances are this will do excellently.) They're not a kid thing, and I don't think of Pooh as a kid thing either. Anyway, I have reached out to the boy. Last year I got him a Dracula graphic novel that scared him too much, so I erred with that and I guess treated him like he was too old, though maybe he will like that book later. I think I will send him three Star Wars graphic novels. He likes Star Wars. Apparently he tossed the card aside, before my sister told him that I wrote him a note, which he agreed to have read to him. It was a nice note, actually.

* I saw an article the other day that said it’s a radical social act not to drink alcohol and people regard you strangely. It’s not and they don’t. Have a glass of water. People take their cues from how you feel about you. Many problems start—and also stop—there.

* That was a post from my Twitter. I was unfollowed because of that. People actually say, "Fuck him! With his non-drinking and his wisdom and truth! Fuck that guy!"

* Yeah!

* That will show me.

* I often feel that humanity is an endless parade of losers.

* I'm watching dumb people say dumb things about Mac Jones, how he's so dirty because he grabbed someone he thought had the ball by the ankle. Many people who comment on sports are blobs who have never played a sport. They don't understand sports and how fast things happen. They are often unathletic and gross people. Let us just call it that. Why pretend? Your couch is not a football field. That latest pastry moving towards your mouth is not a ball. None of it with athletes works the way you think it does. Players don't make malevolent decisions when they are seeing stars after getting trucked by some massive man moving like some blur. They're just trying to make up for the error they just made--losing the ball in Jones' case--and are fighting. As in, competing. I think if you threw a ball to many of the people who spew about sports on Twitter, they would drop into the fetal position and cry for mercy. That these people also know nothing about so-called intellectual and finer things is not surprising, because like most people, they know nothing about anything, and have made the world in their own double-chinned, vacant-eyed image so that they can succeed, whatever that means anymore. We now advance via mediocrity. You want to be successful: Suck ass. Be a mediocre putz. People like that because they are also mediocre putzes and this means you are not a threat to their self-esteem. Better yet: be a mediocre putz and check the right boxes. A flag should have been thrown on Jones for holding. How dumb do you have to be to think he's sitting there saying to himself, "I know! I will twist this fucker's ankle and injure him!" Ever tried to tackle someone? And you have them by the shoe? You don't control what happens to their leg. You're just holding on as they twist and try to get away. If that player actually had the ball it just would have been a don't-give-up, gutsy play. Also, I think Mac Jones is too vanilla to be that cutthroat. I don't think it's in his personality or make-up. Which may limit his effectiveness. But he's doing fine so far.

* Did not expect the Patriots to be 5-4 after their start. Right now, they'd be in the playoffs, and they are also certainly in the running for the division.


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