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Friday 4/12/19

Not an encouraging night for Boston sports! Bruins trail their series 0-1, Sox won, but only after trailing 5-0 and Mitch Moreland saving them once more. Scary thought: sans the contributions of Moreland, the Sox would be 0-12.

Interesting scene at Starbucks. Emma, who was in paper crisis mode, texted me asking if I'd go back with her to help her some more. She brought her lap top, and I worked with her for an hour and a half until they closed. Anyway, there was this attractive woman there. Let us say, twenty-seven or twenty-eight. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her. How do I know? She was wearing a Bruins shirt--clearly she was supposed to go to the game. She was on her phone, and she was upset enough that when she was not on her phone, she was crying. This other woman--there were not a lot of people at the Starbucks; it was me, Emma, these two women, and just a couple other people--came over and asked if she was okay, saying that she had sisters and she understood. I thought that was nice. You don't see a lot of that. People looking out for each other.

The woman stopped crying, and I guess she stuck around to gather herself. She had a big book--I don't know what it was--and she read most of the time while I was there helping Emma. She--the now-single woman--stood up to stretch, and I turned around to look at her. This makes Emma say, "stop it, stop it." And I'm like, what? She is single, clearly. They just broke up. And she likes hockey and she reads! This is my time! I didn't say anything. I wish I had said something. I turned to Emma and said, "Look, this isn't the worst thing. You're out, you're helping a cute little neighbor child improve their writing, this could work for me, do I not deserve love? Let's do this!"

She then told me that I looked like a porcupine, because of my haircut, or else an egg, and I said maybe a porcupine, but not an egg, because eggs are ovular and I am not ovular. But here. I'll out myself. I'm not ashamed of my shearing. Sure, I wasn't smart enough to tell the barber the proper razor setting, and sure, I left that barber shop with hardly any hair left, which was not my intention. But I'll own that. I don't know. I'm kind of getting into this. I feel aerodynamic.

Watching UMass v. Denver Frozen Four hockey game in OT. Thinking about stories for grouping in book: "Funny Lines TK," "Nacho Cheese," "Floor It A.C.," "Pillow Drift," "Dunedin," "First Eye," "Double Loaded Stupid," "Drag Snap."

Minutemen just won to advance to the championship game. I am surprised that there has not been some controversy yet about their name. That's probably coming soon.


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