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Praise me! Praise me! Praise me!

Wednesday 1/10/20

We have reached a point where people will virtue signal and boast about anything. I was looking at Facebook a few days ago, and a woman mentioned that she had completed her application for Harvard Divinity School, and she makes this big deal out of this, saying, "First accomplishment of 2020." Is it? Filling out a form is now an accomplishment? You follow the prompts, you write a little essay--which is actually shorter than an essay, it's just some lines. This other woman was saying how one of her kids had a friend over for dinner, and the friend was commenting on the dinner in some effusively complimentary way. And the poster goes on to say that the food was normal food, nothing special, but then the kid adds, "You eat dinner together as a family every night?" And the post concludes with the woman saying, "Yes. Yes, we do." I mean, how smug do you need to be over something so basic? Yeah, eat with your family. Talk about ideas and your days. Are people so bereft now of purpose and actual achievement that everything, no matter how much of a given it should be, has to be conscripted into the service of getting maximum attention and some compliments? "Tied my shoe today. Praise me." "Created a blank Word Document today. Formatted the margins for the shitty story I will write, at some point, but not now, over the course of eighteen months. Praise me." Then no wonder these same people hate people who out work them, out perform them, out produce them, and do it every day, and make it look easy. No wonder they only look after their own: The people praising them, who they also praise, over absolutely nothing.


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