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Rapid-fire thoughts because I am in great haste to get things done

Sunday 4/28/24

Discovered some things about David Sedaris which I'll share on here later. If I did any of the things these people do, I'd be drawn-and-quartered in the street, with my entrails left on display. Of course, I wouldn't, because I'm not evil. No wonder David Remnick loves this guy. I've done this a long time, and it still shocks me how sick and vile these people are. The most morally repugnant, delusional, entitled people ever.

Bruins: I'm going to see Jeremy Swayman again in net Tuesday, right?

The Red Sox beat the Cubs 17-0 yesterday at Fenway, and my only thought, really, was "That will help the old run differential."

The Celtics played like they were supposed to. With them, it all comes down to that.

Hoping to see a floral exhibit today.

I've created so much lately it's going to be work to document all of that here. There was already so much I wasn't getting in.

Beautiful weather today. Very nice for stair running. I seemed to sweat an inordinate amount. I don't know why that was. It's not warm, exactly.

My nephew did really well in both his basketball and his baseball game yesterday. Scored a lot of points in the former and pitched well in the latter. But the more important thing was he was called into the principal's office at school and received some kind of award for helping his classmates and being supportive and the like, so I told my sister to tell him well done from me.

My mother was at the baseball game and when I talked to her briefly last night after doing all I'd done and racing around, she said that she stood the entire time, so that was like working out. I said, Okay.

My niece had her birthday party at a Dave and Buster's. Looks like she had a lot of fun. Her sister even wore a shirt that said, "OMG It's my sister's birthday."

The Islanders staved off a sweep by winning in double OT. I respect teams who do that. It'd be so easy to let up at that point. There's very little chance you can win the series, but you're fighting for that one game in extra sessions. It's admirable to me.


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