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Rare live early Who

Sunday 5/3/20

I want to have these all in one place. Some very rare live Who recordings.

Railway Hotel, Wealdstone, 10/20/64.

This is from Stockholm, 6/2/66.

Here is one of my favorite concert recordings. Listen past the rough fidelity. The Who were maybe at their most exciting around this time period; a pop art band playing proto-metal. Especially notable for the live rendition of "The Kids Are Alright." What a drumming performance. Back in Sweden, at Club Nalen this time, 10/24/66.

At the Marquee Club in London, March 2, 1967.

Dallas 7/23/67. One of the best Who tapes.

Rochester, New York, 8/30/67.

San Jose, 2/21/68.

St. Charles, Illinois, 8/10/68.

Oklahoma City, 8/24/68. Great "Magic Bus."


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