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Reader letter

Saturday 1/13/24

"Your Patriots blog this morning is so fucking spot on it should be running everywhere."

To which I'd say (though I didn't):

It shouldn't be. What should be running everywhere is that which is stupidest because the world is stupid and people want stupid things they already think or could think.

But it's more complicated than that.

It both shouldn't be--given how things work right now--and it should be, because obviously it's the best thing that's been written about the Patriots or will be written and it has the greatest actual value. Anyone want to take it on? Anyone want to compete? Put whatever you want next to that "blog" I wrote in ten minutes while doing other things.

Can't compete, can't compare.

No one, though, is making a decision to put anything forward, or get behind it, or celebrate it, because it's better. That has nothing to do with it.

But it's like what I was talking about with circumstances and opportunity. You need a favorable version of the former--even if you end up being the creator of those circumstances--and a legit version of the latter for the good version of should to replace the bad version of should.

Then you don't have should: You have is.

That's what I'm always working towards.


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