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Remain and become

Friday 2/16/24

Regathering. Intensity resumes tomorrow.

Have this op-ed mostly written in my head.

Read some ghost stories.

Hadn't spoken to my mom in a bit, so called to see how she was doing and all three kids had just come over. They're off today and Monday. I said, "Hey, everybody!" and one of the older kids went, "He just wants to talk to his buddy" and right as I was saying that's not true, who do you think had ripped the phone from my mom's hands and was saying hello?

I feel like this isn't my fault. And what am I supposed to do? We're tight. Amelia is all about that FaceTime so I had to call back and she also likes playing doctor. I guess she got three shots on Valentine's Day and my mom asked, "Do you think Colin would cry if he got a shot?" and without any hesitation Amelia goes, "Yes." Then she gave me a shot with a giant needle through the phone and laughed when I winced.

Sounds to me like she's doing better with her talking. She's had a speech therapist to help her out there. Today I said to her, "One of the reasons I like you is because you're so energetic." She agreed. I think she's imaginative. Will she stay imaginative? I don't know. I hope so. I think what you want to do is remain imaginative and become more imaginative.

The Bruins lost again last night. I don't mind. I want to see them ready and gritty when the playoffs begin. Grit goes a long way towards winning playoff games, and I don't think they had any grit last year. I don't want to see some regular season dandies. I want to see a feisty, prickly, tough, edgy, find-a-way to win playoff team.

I was at the Starbucks and Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness" and Billie Holiday's "Stars Fell on Alabama" came on back to back. That was nice. She was so good in 1957. It's the remarkable year of her career that no one ever considers. And listen to that Ben Webster solo.


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