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Response to Remnick-related letter

Saturday 1/13/24

Mentioned receiving a letter about David Remnick. For fun we'll go out of order, just to keep everything lively. This was my response to that person this morning.

Hi (),

How are you? Really appreciate you taking the time to share this with me. It's helpful. Unfortunately, this is how--for the time being--much of this works.


Remnick himself is a truly bad person, a thief, a small man, with an empty sack of a mind, no real writerly ability, and is simply someone of connections who was en route to his post the moment he exited the birth canal. 


None of this, paradoxically--or not--would be news to Remnick, for all of his lack of insight in any and all other matters. He knows what he is in this fundamental regard, which is what actuates everything he does in his life; it's a life lived as extended cover-up, and that involves myriad forms of upkeep, rigging, barring, caste-enabling. But things change. Or can be made to change. 


Thank you again for reaching out to me.





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