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"She ain't gonna dm you," short story excerpt

Wednesday 6/21/23

A lot of times when you’re watching porn you’re watching videos of people who are dead. Look into it sometime. Search a name. Or you’ll see people writing RIP in the comments in between other comments like, “Nice pee hole” and “I want to cum on your feet” and “dm me.” Does that ever work, DM me? Is there a woman who films herself masturbating on the regular or for a spicy time or two who reaches out to someone—presumably a guy, because his moniker will be something like blackbootyfucker or rib_tickler—who has no profile information, no name, no photo, and makes herself willing and available, or shows interest? How can you not know better than that? And that guy is someone who should know the best, because if you do something like this once, you do it a million times, and it might actually be close to a million, and you’ve never had a successful result. The most that would happen is that someone else in the comments would say, “R U serious asshole. She ain’t gonna dm you lol.” Then we have a quandary. What if it’s a superlative video, so far as one’s tastes go, but you know the woman is dead? Is the video still to be enjoyed? Can the act of self-stimulation resemble a funeral march in its way? A fitting—all things considered—lament and homage? Makes you think about that phrase, tribute me. What if you could cum on a computer screen such that it went up the person on the computer screen and she didn’t come back to life but she had a baby that was also on the computer screen. And every time you logged on the baby was there looking at you, needing you, because it didn’t have anyone else to raise it? How responsible would you be? This kid could grow up to feel unloved and then maybe she’d make all of these questionable decisions and have daddy issues. You could end up loving her like she was your own, because she was that dependent on you and she didn’t have anyone else. That’s part of love. Parents know this, but they never say it. That child needs you. You’re all that keeps it safe from harm. There’s a way for machines to replace us all. They’ll do it by becoming us. Not eliminating us. They’ll go into our bodies, our minds, and get us to go into them. They’ll take over from the inside out. The key is to join with us, then be us. A matter of emergent replacement.


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