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Skill and impact

Monday 4/12/21

The News, Op-eds, and On air sections are now fully up to date, having been updated for the first time since mid-October. The other site sections are all very incomplete, and there are some issues right now that need to be figured out which prevent the sections from being updated as they need to be updated. Largely because content older than the oldest entries cannot be added at the moment so that they're in chronological order, and that has also put a hold on filling in more recent pieces. This site was launched in March 2018. The News section goes back to then. There are 340 items in that section at present. There are 220 interviews in the On air section. There are thirty-four op-eds in that section.

What counts as News? When something is published, a book is placed, an interview is given. If one goes to the site of any other author, there is no actual news, because they write next to nothing and they all write the same. Their news takes the form of people like them praising them, sucking them, massaging them, bullshitting about them, playing grab ass with them, and puff pieces in magazines and newspapers that lie completely about the work and praise simply to praise because the person has been deemed the right kind of person. People write next to nothing, what they write sucks, and when that one lousy thing they've done in four years finally comes out, they're paid and worshiped and awarded. It has absolutely nothing to do with their work, or even not being a moron, which is rare. This is entirely other things. And coming from money and connection. That's all publishing is. There are no exceptions. You have to be a member of their sick, twisted, diseased class system. You have to be a pretentious freak with no talent who is a member of their subculture.

But I am still not going to lose to these people.

I had not ran on flat ground in a while, but yesterday I ran six miles. I felt strong, which is not how I should be feeling going through all of this. My strength is not human. I am not talking about running.

Yesterday marked 1750 days, or 250 weeks, without a drink.

I composed a masterful story today. "Bird Skulls." 1000 words. For Longer on the Inside: Very Short Fictions of Infinitely Human Lives, which I should affix with a "Vol. 1" as part of the title--I like the idea of a stand-alone volume that mysteriously has a Vol. 1 attached to it--and later there can be a collected set, Longer in the Inside: Very Short Fictions of Infinitely Human Lives, Vols. 1-3. The control and command of this story is unreal. One could read it 500 times over a lifetime and always see and learn more. It is always new.

Walked three miles.

Signed off on the copy edits for the Bloomsbury Sam Cooke book. A towering work of art. There is no better music book. No rewriting process. They got the book, they told me it was amazing, I hadn't seen it in a while, there was no back and forth, and today I saw what the book will look like. They gave me my head. No one will know what that expression means. What it means is the blinders are taken off the horse. The animal is encouraged to use its strength and power.

Finishing the end stages of the old books this week and finally being done and relieving that pressure. Then it's the Beatles book. I'd like to see the second chapter completed this week. Have been doing monumental work in my head on "Eede Upstairs," "Pre," "The Shape of the Shore," "The Neighborhood Leo," and "Up the Sea."

I'm doing a post on just how rigged and corrupt the Guggenheim is. The proof speaks for itself.

Listened to Radiohead's OK Computer, and the Charlatans' Tellin' Stories and some demos from their first album. Read some Oliver Onions. The new issue of The New Criterion. Watched Frank Borzage's History is Made at Night (1937). I like Colin Clive's work. Wish he had starred in radio versions of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. The friendship between Paul and Cesare is well realized. Also watched Carol Reed's Odd Man Out (1947). Shell, Tober, and Lukey are easily the best part of the film.

Julian Edelman retired. Cue people saying stupid things on Twitter. Here's a non-stupid thing: Wes Welker has a better Hall of Fame case than Julian Edelman—which isn’t to say he’s close to belonging—but Edelman was by far the better and more impactful player. Some guys are money guys, and some—most—are not. Edelman was a money guy.

Talking about a bunch of things on the radio tomorrow, including this tape of the Beatles rehearsing at the Cavern in September 1962. It's discussed in the Beatles book.


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