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Thursday 4/15/21

I have a long day of work ahead of me tomorrow. Mostly book work. Third period of the Bruins game is on now. Thought I'd put in some audio I've been listening to the last day for various reasons. (Taylor Hall just scored.)

There are multiple versions of Orson Welles acting in Lucille Fletcher's radio play, "The Hitch-Hiker." This is a version from 1946 that you hear less often.

Ella Fitzgerald actually had two Christmas albums. Her second, from 1967, isn't very well-known. The songs are spiritual rather than secular in nature.

This is Pink Floyd in Manchester in 1974. Recently I've been thinking about writing a book at some point on the guitar solo in "Time." I learned a lot with the Sam Cooke book. I can extend a subject out rather far in these powerful and surprising ways. The center of the book could be this guitar solo and it could go in all of these different directions but on one single map.

Here's Jann Wenner's 1970 interview with John Lennon. I've been listening to this for Same Band.

Paul McCartney singing Lennon's "Strawberry Fields Forever" in 1969 as part of the Get Back sessions.

Here's the David Waters interview with Brian Matthews from 1969 that I had mentioned earlier.

1955 radio version of Shane with Alan Ladd and Van Heflin.

Husker Du's demos for Zen Arcade.


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