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Special summer letter to nephew and nieces

Saturday 6/8/24

Will be printing out "The Bird" and mailing it to my nephew and nieces in the next little bit and sharing it with some other people. This is a letter I wrote to the kids.

Greetings Master Charles, the Dynamic Lilah, and my buddy!

How is the summer going? Super fun and exciting, I hope.

I had something for the three of you. It's not exactly only for the three of you, but I've definitely been looking forward to sharing it with you. The three amigos! No? Well, sort of.

Anyway. I like how you guys like birds. I remember learning that you did before you, Charlie, and you Lilah, could even talk, which would have been before you, Amelia (don't get mad!), even existed. And then I got you that book about birds with all of those drawings.

I was thinking one morning about how cool birds are, and how there's really more to a bird than what we see with our human's eye view of the world and our lives.

There are all of these amazing things birds can show us as Charlie, as Lilah, as Amelia, as mommy, as daddy, as Grammie, as Colin, as everyone, just by being birds.

That gave me an idea for a story, and this is that story. It's called "The Bird." I tried my hardest because that seemed important so I did.

And now I'm sharing it with you. All of you and each of you. Maybe you'll never see a bird the same way again. Or a person. Or a you. I hope you like it.




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