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Saturday 10/17/20

All aboard team Astros--I want to see them win. I also think I could do an op-ed if they win. I want to see them win the whole thing as a sub-.500 team that was detested. What I like about sports is how you can shut people up by your performance. You could control the result. Not whether you're kissy-kissy with someone. Your performance is what determines the final result.

Saw the 1964 version of The Killers, directed by Don Siegel, one of the more underappreciated directors in American film history. It's a better film than the 1946 Burt Lancaster vehicle. Lancaster doesn't do a lot for me as an actor. He's mostly just brawn. Ronald Reagan is in it, as well as Norman Fell, aka, Mr. Roper from Three's Company. Angie Dickinson's character is notably evil, even by the standards of noir. Not that this is noir. "There's more than one way to kill a man" is an apt tag line. Works on a thematic level with the film.

Listened to this 1948 episode of Quiet, Please, called "Good Ghost." Now Ernest Chappell, I like him a lot as an actor.

I was just re-reading William Sloane's To Walk the Night at Starbucks. I probably read it two times every year.

Listened to this 1954 episode of Escape called The Scarlet Plague--which is COVID-y.

Also listened to this from 1954, an episode of Suspense called "The Tip." Somewhat like "Back for Christmas" without the Christmas.

And this additional 1954 episode of Suspense, "The Tip." Suspense could really make you feel uncomfortable. Not always scared, but uncomfortable. You're almost embarrassed to hear what you hear. Cringe-inducing.

The BC/Va Tech game is on the ACC Network, which debuted last year, and which Comcast still does not carry. Should be a good game, so that's annoying. During each game he broadcasts, Joe Buck trends on Twitter, and people say nasty things. I've heard the guy a lot. He's fine. He calls it down the middle. Clearly unbiased. But everyone pisses and moans about how he hates this team, loves that team, etc. People will say and think anything they want to say and think without it having any basis in reality. Our age encourages this. A great number of people doing the same thing encourages more of the same thing. Reality is shunted aside. When reality is shunted aside, we become less able to delineate what reality is, even vaguely identify reality. These are the biggest problems in society. It's why we devolve. Why culture rots. But it's not addressed, gets no focus. This is one example. You can do it with anything. What bothers me about Buck is nepotism. Obviously I'd be someone who hates all forms of cronyism and nepotism.


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