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Thursday 1/20/22

I'll look on Twitter and see that Howard Stern is trending. This happens on average once a month, I would say. People then debate how "old" Howard would have hated "new" Howard and thought him a sellout. Other people will say that people grow, and that is what happened here.

Firstly: people rarely grow. People find new ways to scam, manipulate, and hunt for attention, depending upon what is happening at the time, and, when convenient, that is called growth. What I'd say about Stern is that if you were smart and mature you wouldn't have cared about him in 1992 and you wouldn't care about him in 2022. He's also a poor interviewer, and it makes me laugh that he's branded as being brilliant at that. People will believe anything, and increasingly they can't tell what anything is. Down is the new up. I recall having friends in high school who would listen to Stern going to school. I'd put in a tape by the Blues Magoos or the Velvet Underground instead. Listened to the Rolling Stones' Get Yer Ya-Yas Out a lot driving to and from school.

Today Stern is trending because he said that if you're not vaccinated, hospitals shouldn't treat you and you should go home and die. However one feels about vaccines--and I personally think it's silly not to get them, and the people who don't often do so for reasons that have nothing to do with medicine or science but this bizarre need to assert a stand-in for identity--we cannot refuse people who need medical care that medical care.

Where does that stop? This is a tenet not just of society if there is to be such a thing as society, but basic humanity. How is this not simple? What is not obvious about this?

I don't see growth with Stern. I see a vituperative, scared man. Someone who was frightened about losing a position which is what defines his sense of self. Of becoming obsolete. Or I should say left behind, because Stern was never necessary. I see someone with no confidence. I see a schemer--a desperate schemer. I don't see someone who could ever be happy, despite their money. I see someone fortunate that so many people are stupid and willing to follow, which is what he owes his success to, not to any special or rare ability. And certainly not any concern for the greater good of people. It's pretty clear that he has one interest in life, and that's himself. He also sounds like one of those people who are scared to touch a doorknob or would require gloves to do so.

Laurence Sterne is much better.


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