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A week.

Friday 7/27

Saturday 7/28

Ran three miles, walked seven. Visited MFA. Radiohead at the Garden.

Sunday 7/29

Ran three miles, walked seven, climbed the Bunker Hill Monument five times. Radiohead at the Garden.

Monday 7/30

Ran three miles. Wrote 500 word JazzTimes piece on Bill Savory's collection of live 1930s music.

Tuesday 7/31

Ran three miles. Wrote 1800 word essay on Edward Hopper's Hotel Lobby for The American Interest. Proofed 2300 word essay on The Ox-Bow Incident for The American Interest. USA Today interested in op-ed idea. Wrote the op-ed--650 words--same hour as expressed interest. Was told it was no good. Wrote it entirely over again. Downtown with Rich Kimball appearance--on the 1988 Red Sox--cancelled due to medical emergency.

Wednesday 8/1

Wrote 1200 word piece on Hunter Davies' The Beatles: The Authorized Biography for The Daily Beast. Told by Beatles Sirius radio station that I am not welcome on their air after having been strung along about imminent gig for more than half a year. Am condescendingly told that they are sure I "would have enjoyed this." Ran three miles.

Thursday 8/2

1700 word essay written for The Daily Beast on the Beatles' "Yer Blues." USA Today op-ed--on why the anthem should not be played before sporting events--ran. Ran three miles. Slate edits completed for forthcoming piece on 2001: A Space Odyssey. Galleys came in for "Hold Until Relieved," a short story to appear in the fall issue of Boulevard.

Friday 8/3

Wrote 1600 word essay on take 20 of "Revolution." No definite venue yet. Need to sell. Wrote 1150 words--i.e., the first section--of new short story, "Floor It A.C."

99% of my life--and that is a real number--is spent begging people in the worst industry in the history of humankind, where not one single thing happens because of merit, who hate me because of what I am and what I achieve and how unlike them I am, to respond, be less bigoted, be not entirely about hooking up their talentless friends, their cliques, shitty writing that no one on planet earth truly wishes to read, their hypocrisy. The above is what I do with the remaining 1%, in part.

Someday, those numbers will be flipped.


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