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Wednesday 5/29/24

Started a Beatles feature. Will finish it tomorrow. Also need to finish the Dracula piece, which I'm mulling placing first in And the Skin Was Gone: Essays on Works of Terror Art. I have so much product here. I have lifetimes and lifetimes and lifetimes of product of all different kinds.

Re: And the Skin Was Gone--I would have loved to find a book like this. Not that there could be a book like it because of the writing, but the concept. When we have a book about horror, it's almost always one thing. The horror film, for instance. But this is a book about horror films, horror TV, horror music, horror fiction, horror poetry, horror painting, horror commercials, horror radio. Seems like the most logical thing to do, but who else could do it?

Walked three miles, did 100 push-ups, and ran fifty circuits on the Connecticut gate stairs. Fifty is fine. More is better, but with the nature of these stairs, fifty makes for a respectable workout. Drenched by the end. Was going to do stairs in the Monument but a school group was inside. Anyway, I can and must do a lot better.

A bigot and plagiarist at W.W. Norton is soon going to be very unhappy and will then find herself becoming more so. This is going to be embarrassing. And it definitely won't be defensible.

I'm moving systematically, thoroughly, with each thing being done for a reason. Even the ordering of things. Even with this.

Listened to that Vaccines radio session, some Saint-Saens, and Travis's The Man Who. Love that record.


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