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Wednesday 6/7/23

C: I've been thinking more about how I'm going to handle this with such and such if I have to. I'll do it in stages and hope it won't come to the last one, but I'm prepared for that. It will all be unpleasant work. On top of everything--the mind-numbing incompetence which is so documentable--you have a publisher who openly supports a sociopath who attacks women, and that publisher is a lawyer, too? How can you not know any better? It's just an endless shit show.

C: It's important to me that I remain kind and do not go down to anyone's level in my encounters. That's different from exposing and crushing someone, though.

C: Then there's your guy and the games he plays.

D: I've said that for years.

C: The cherry-picking is one of them. Like I don't know what you're up to. Blank is another one who does that. But that's self-crippling cowardice. In a way I feel bad and feel pity because that's by no means a bad person, but then there's how that cowardice impacts me. And the irrationality of that cowardice. But that's cowardice--it runs roughshod (ironically) over everything else.

D: These people are all about you but won't walk the line with you. It's upsetting. Blank is in a position where he could help you out more than he does.

D: And so is blank.

D: Blank is jealous too.

C: I know what you mean, but he shouldn't be. He knows how awful my life is. But I know you're not talking about that, and of course I'm aware of this.

D: Yes, but the wealth of knowledge and genius.

D: I don't understand why anyone would be jealous or scared. It's so far above it's pointless.

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