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The opening round of the 71st Beanpot

Tuesday 2/6/24

Unfortunately, the BC-BU semifinal Beanpot game last night went as I had expected it to. These are both such strong teams that it's going to be very hard for one of them to beat the other three times in a row (and in a week and a half, no less). BC lost 4-3, but they were chasing it all night. First they were down 1-0, then 2-0; they got a goal back, but then BU pushed it to 4-1.

My sense is that these are two evenly matched teams, with BC having a bit more talent. The Eagles turned the puck over, BU made some plays, they got some bounces, too, and there you have it.

At times BC carried the play and they threw a lot of rubber at the net. The Eagles are a team--as are the Terriers--that will make a run, to put it in basketball terms, or who are never going to be that far out of things.

Very early in the game, BC was peppering the BU goalie, who made this save which I thought ought to be reviewed. I'm not a replay person. I'd rather not have it in any sport. But if it exists, then it should be used properly.

It looked to me like maybe the puck had cleared the goal line before the goalie gloved it out of the air. In football, any part of the ball need only break the goal line. In hockey, the entire puck needs to be across it, and that includes when the puck is in the air. A lead is a big deal in these kinds of games. But what can you do? The Terriers are a damn good squad.

Great atmosphere at the game, which is a staple of the Beanpot, a uniquely Boston event.

The first game between Harvard and Northeastern went to OT, which now means the teams skate three aside, because the NCAA has a new rule that all games must adhere to the same rules. I don't like that. This is the Beanpot. Let it be different and special. Not everything has to be homogenized. Some color is a good thing.


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