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The hill

It's late. 3:30 in the AM. I have figured out 80% of the next short story, "Floor It A.C." It will be as good as "Funny Lines TK" and "Nacho Cheese." I have it.

Need to get back to letting it rip again. These past couple of days have felt almost like recovery from the vast expenditure of energy. You want to be on top of the hill, pushing down, not at the bottom waiting to start again, or in the middle after coming down. When you are at the top you can roll balls down from all sides. That's where I have to be right now, constantly rolling.

Bed for now. Or get in bed. Watch some more of Wentworth on the Netflix or read Stoker's Dracula. Haven't been able to chase OutKast's "Ms. Jackson" out of my head for a couple days.


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