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The week of the condom

Friday 4/19/24

The most condescending people are often the least intelligent. David Remnick and Sigrid Rausing would be good examples.

When there's no actual intelligence, artificial intelligence thinks, "It's my time, bitches!"

Boston city employees are lazy fleecers. They flaunt this and very easily get away with it. It's what they do, from the politicians to the people who sweep the stairs I run at City Hall.

Running these stairs most every day--unless I am running other stairs--I will see the same trash--as in the same items of trash--day after day. The city employees whose jobs it is in part to sweep these stairs will come out, stand there, play with their phones, move slower than jelly advancing down the street, and then go back inside having done nothing or next to it.

For instance: There has been a condom on the stairs for the last week and counting. I think we can agree that a condom on stairs with nothing in its immediate vicinity is pretty conspicuous. It's a traveling condom that has pulled off the trick of going from stair to stair. Quite a run for this condom. There's also a lovely ball of steel wire that has been there for four days now.

One will often see very out of shape people walking around with enormous sugary drinks. Hmmm--do you think there might be some kind of connection there? You need the drink with the most sugar? Why? It's a drink. It's not even food. You simply must have maximum sugar in every form you can get it? Why not a water? A black coffee? A green tea?

There was a kid in my hall my freshman year of college from Minnesota. He was a dick. I happened to see a photo of him the other day. He could pass for my grandfather. That's not an exaggeration. I looked at this photo and wondered if he could even recognize himself over the years. I thought about those forensic cases where dental records have to be used.

I had a number of thoughts. I was disturbed because obviously it can be believed he's the age he is as this is easily proven. So that's possible for someone our age to look like that. I don't subscribe to most notions of age and find little of that relevant to myself in any regard and believe I stand outside of the space-time continuum in many ways, but calendrically we are the same age, which caused me to up my pace that day with all I have to get done in my life and in the world before my body is gone.

Then I thought, "What the hell do people do to themselves?" Do they just say, "Okay, body, I am going to break you down over the rest of my life without regard or mercy"? People are more likely to be intellectually lazy and emotionally lazy and spiritually lazy than they are physically lazy. And given that so many people physically are wallowing hogs, that gives you an idea about what everyone is doing--or isn't doing--intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. You do have to move. But you don't have to think, for example. You don't have to think at all in today's world. And very few people ever do. He looked like an over-inflated version of Grandpa Munster, which, again, I don't mind saying, because he was a dick.

Yesterday I ran 3000 stairs on the condom-y stairs and did 120 push-ups, the odd number again being due to this sets of thirty thing. I was curious about the number of stairs one would take in a day apart from the running of these stairs just by using the stairs at the places I was at and I counted 250 of them. Is that a lot? Not really. They aren't in succession, for one thing. But say you just took the stairs when the stairs were an option. That would add up over a year, wouldn't it?


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