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Wednesday 5/29/24

A problem with people is that almost everyone wants to be something they're not, but even if they could be that thing, they wouldn't be willing to do what they needed to in order to become it.

If someone is a thing that the other person would like to be, and did what they needed to in order to become it, with all of the effort, focus, vision, commitment, and strength that entailed, it's going to be very difficult--without ancillary contributing factors--for the second person not to resent--and often worse--the first person.

That resentment can take all forms and combinations of forms. Sabotage, slander, discrimination, passing over without cause--with the opposite of cause--showing no support, not allowing a positive word to pass over the threshold of lips despite teeming thoughts as to the elevated level of the other person, etc.

That's just how it is. More so now than ever before.

That doesn't mean the game is over. It means there's a very difficult problem to solve.

Greater greatness makes the problem itself greater. And it's not like you can go lower if you're all about going up.


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