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(Very) early morning work

Thursday 5/5/22

Six AM nearly. Been working for about three hours. I am so blocked--the pressure in my nose is almost painful. I couldn't sleep.

Went through more title options for this second volume of all female short stories. I have seven or eights, and all are strong. Good options. I look, I go away, I come back, I see how they look then.

Began a story. It's about two stars talking in the sky. It's about more than that, actually.

Worked more on "Swoony and Moony." Got longer than I expected--it's about 1600 words now.

Came up with a couple story ideas last night when I woke up one time.

Created a longer, alternate version of the Mother's Day op-ed. An op-ed ran yesterday. I'll go through and do a sweep and update what's come out on here soon enough.

Bruins were crushed. They're done. Red Sox gagged another lead and were then crushed. They are also done. It won't matter, but the Bruins will play Swayman in Game 3. They'll be swept. Don Sweeney will be fired, then the new GM will fire Bruce Cassidy. Bergeron may retire, which is strange to me, because he's not that old and he's still good--nearly a point-a-game player with defensive prowess. That's a top center on a lot of teams, and pretty much the best second line center in the league. Can you even make Marchand the captain? But what happens if you make it McAvoy? Marchand is unreliable. He predictably lost it last night. I think the Patriots are going to be brutal. Things change fast in sports. I guess that's the optimistic way of looking at it. I don't expect the Celtics to get past the Bucks--no shame in that--and then you just have a bad Red Sox team until the fall. And they are bad. Eight games back on May 4, and the season started late. They lose like losers, too. Everyone loses. But losing like a loser is different.

This is Carlton Fisk's 1988 Donruss Diamond Kings card. He's listed as an outfielder on the back for some reason.


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