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Why is there so little self-awareness?

Friday 9/1/23

Dashing around, getting much done, but will quickly put this here. Typical what one sees in this photo. This is many people. Leaving aside not knowing it's "homeowner," "without," and "every day," note the projection--"Don't make me listen to it"--clearly stemming from a past experience (can't really be many people who try to force others to listen to "country rap") and the obvious anger.

One might ask how such a person could fail to see how they come across, but, again, this is most people. Limited self-awareness, beyond, ironically, "I'm a mixed bag as a human," in this case, which is actually more forthright than many would be and also rather sad; like this person can't help themselves. But of course you can, if you really want to. Says much, though, instructing someone you don't know and know nothing about to "get fucked."

And people wonder why they're alone and alone in the biggest sense in that they don't even have themselves. You'd have to know yourself some, in order not to be alone with yourself. You would need self-awareness. Not total, obviously. But more than people commonly betray themselves as possessing.

If you pay attention to how the world has become, it's so obvious, too, how relationships with pets have replaced human to human relationships for so many. Animals are now regularly the primary relationship. You see it in the language, the cat mom and fur baby stuff.

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