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Would you look at that

Friday 4/16/21

The analytics components of a website can be exceedingly disturbing. They stop just short of telling you what street visitors live on. You're informed of the state, the cities, the towns, the number of visits, the duration of those visits. This isn't me doing anything. It's just how websites work. I see people on here in far flung places, who I know hate me, who I know are up to no good, coming again and again. They can be people who've done evil things to me professionally, or they can be people I've known personally. You all but get a printout charting the obsession of some people. I'm not talking about people who like the site and are habitual readers of the blog, and come in good faith and because of interest, curiosity, passion. I welcome those people--the site and journal are really for them--and I hope they come often and stay as long as they'd like every time. I don't even look at any of that. I am talking about the people who cannot stay away, but not for any kind of positive reason. Or who have to have their hate read. Some people who have done some very sick things. Who have to stew in envy or rage or whatever it may be. Or those who know they have committed acts of discrimination, know I know this, and are checking over and over again to see if that has been documented on here yet. I could say hello to some of those people by name right now.


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