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Write your own spellchecker

Monday 12/11/23

That's a quote from Jamie's T's "Alicia Quays." This record is nearly three million words long, and until today, I didn't know there was a spellchecker. That's handy. I'm sure anyone else would have known this from the start, but, alas, I didn't. My bad.

Ran 3000 stairs today and did 100 push-ups. Did the same amount of push-ups yesterday, and walked three miles and did three circuits in the Monument. Walked six miles, ran 5000 stairs, and did 300 push-ups Saturday. Yesterday marked 2709 days, or 387 weeks, without a drink.

My mother and sister went to a vigil last night for my late sister, so I will check in on the former to see how she is doing.

On Saturday I wrote a new story called "The Keepers," which I've been working on today. Should be all done soon.

Wrote a Beatles piece. Working on an op-ed. Also a film piece. Wrote a different op-ed in my head yesterday, which I need to formally compose.

Watched the 1950 noir, Backfire. Passable. Has Edmond O'Brien and a pleasing Gordon MacRae. Went and saw the Tallis Scholars in Cambridge on Friday night. Was going to go to a musical program yesterday afternoon in Charlestown at this large church I pass on the way to the Monument, but it was pouring and I had a book on me (Farjeon's Mystery in White) which I didn't want to ruin so I stayed at the Starbucks, read, made notes for battle, and listened to Albert Ayler.

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