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You want me to dump in two?

Thursday 4/4/24

Read some Lord Dunsany--"The Guest" (eh) and "The Watch-tower" (much better) and listened to Francis Poulenc Plays the Piano Music of Satie and Poulenc. Downloaded King Oliver's 1923 sides.

Ran 3000 stairs and did 100 push-ups. It was some dirty weather out there, especially at the start--thought the wind was going to blow me over. Bostonians know that there is scarcely a more intense spot for the wind--it's like one big wind tunnel--than at City Hall plaza, especially near the Bill Russell statue. You have to be a Zulu warrior to run stairs in conditions like that.

Afterwards I went to Dunkin' Donuts to get a coffee, the Midnight blend, which is the strongest coffee they have. They were out. Or something was wrong. So the guy says, "I'll just dump in some espresso." Okay. Then he asked, "You want me to dump in two?" So I said yes, dump in both, please.

Those Red Sox have soared to second place after nipping the Athletics by a score of 1-0! You see that score and you get excited to look at the box score for the pitching line, but really you shouldn't. That's your inclination, though, because maybe you'll discover that the starter twirled a four-hit, eleven-strikeout shutout, or went 8 1/3 gutsy innings or something, but nah, it's not like that now! Five pitchers combined on that shutout. The death of the starting pitcher really sucks, in my view. Gone is that most Homeric player in all of sports, he who takes the ball, the lone man on the hill, and sets out on a quest. I don't really want to call the attempt to go five innings a quest.

There was snow on the ground. The rain has since washed it away.


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