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New music essay in The Smart Set


Talking about the subject of writing on the radio


On Downtown to discuss what makes good writing good writing, what makes bad writing bad, how publishing and the MFA systems work, and E.M. Delafield and Shirley Jackson. "There is nothing easier to do than to stop reading something. And there is nothing harder to do than to write artfully. Negotiating those two extremes is what's going to make someone a great writer, or not."

Radio interview


On Downtown talking about Buster Keaton, an M.R. James mockumentary, Guns N' Roses live in 1992, hockey, baseball, and the 1949 film, The Window, a precursor to Hitchcock's Rear Window. 

New York Daily News op-ed on Roberto Clemente


Charles Schulz op-ed in the New York Daily News


Sun Ra JazzTimes feature


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