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Thursday 3/3/22

Stories written between June 2018 and March 2022

"Funny Lines TK"

"Nacho Cheese"

"Invisible Man on Second"

"The World of the Lawn"

"Floor It A.C."

"Jesus H. Christ"

"Pillow Drift"

"A Game of Trocar"




"Mission Brick Candy"

"That Night"


"Three Snakes"

"Flashlight Tag"


"Who Is and Who Isn't"

"Best Life"



"Take a Leg"

"Qui Qui Ri Qui"

"Enib Bine"



"(field watcher)"

"The Sawhorse"


"See Her"












"Nicked the Pick"




"Read the Ice"

"Heroine Man"


"Net Drive"

"Big Bob and Little Bob"

"Rate of Geode"


"The Brittle Star" (i)



"The Skink"


"The Day Louis Armstrong Lost His Color"

"Car Limbs"


"Jungle Jo"

"The Brittle Star" (ii)

"The Rulers of the Hertz"

"Mr. Creed"

"Predict the Weather"


"Evening Day"




"Push Shadow"

"Hoag Head"

"Illumine, Serpent"

"Loading the Shaft"

"Hip Game"

"The Krait"

"Drivel in Wormwood"

"Mixie Cut"

"Orange Needles"

"Eleven Watermelons"

"Polio Pools"

"You Called Me"

"Terms We Are Coming"

"I Fucking Hate Myself"

"The Warm Boy"


"State Birds"


"The Weather Within"

"The Groove in Reggie's Head"

"Mail Tape"

"Basement Snow"

"A Running Town"

"And Ride"

"Professor Pretzel"

"Skip Shack"

"My Nub Skin"

"The Bone Hole"


"The Endurance Cup"

"Chart a Course"


"Subway Friend"



"The #1"

"Room Dark"

"The Kindness"



"Six Feet Away"


"Sound Holes"

"The Horn Players"

"Wood Ducks"


"Cooks for You All"

"The Gristers"

"You Don't Believe in Fate"



"Asking Back"

"Rain Dried"

"Window Walk"

"Three Bouts"

"Come When You Can"

"Under Benches"

"A Problem to Be Solved"


"Acorn Caps"

"Barn Jar"

"The Skin Around Her Daughter's Eyes"

"The Roll of Words"

"Crossing Deer" (2x versions)

"House Winds"

"Slung Stack"

"To To To"

"Id b interested"

"There the Day the Island Was"

"Conch Stone"


"Hot Road Tar (In the Rain)"

"August Autumn"

"Taffy and Grilled Cheese"

"Clam Set"

"The Space of the Moment"

"Can, Will"

"Second Boy"

"Last Firsts"

"Belly Fish"

"Bed Game"

"Third Party Skin"



"Sand Dollar"

"Misplaced Merely"

"Wallpaper Feet"

"We Can Go Again"


"Inside Leaves"

"Back-up Beach"

"No Follow-ups"

"Harbor Floes"

"Bucket Crab"

"Conch Stone"


"My Favorite Is Lester Young"

"Unordinary Blood"

"Lift Off Girls"

"Rehearsal Visit"

"Green Glass Door"

"One Played, One Cried"

"Figures of Action"

"Bruise Blood"

"Our Lightning"

"Periwinkle Sieve"

"The Wad"

"Straight Up Steals"

"Apples in Oranges"

"Even the Eels"

"A Seaworthy Native"

"Doing You"

"Show Me Your Knees"

"The Music Room"


"The Jackdaw"


"In Drops"

"The Diving Board'

"Turkey Jerky"

"Window Party"

"A Call for the Lift"


"Dead Thomas"

"House Set"

"How Much Sorry"

"In the Bog"

"Dandelion Heads"

"Fireworks People"

"Meteor People"

"Little Gloves"

"On the Cable"


"Duck Blinds at Dusk"

"Billie Now"

"Girls of the Nimbus"

"Captains' Practice"

"Traffic Island"

"Seen a Face"

"Orchard Apples"

"Homecoming Blend"

"Balloon Day"

"The Nookery"

"My Anime"

"Scala Sancta"

"Chore Age"

"Movie Tilt"

"Woods Girl"

"A Listener's Story"

"Sir Socks"


"The Installation"

"The Giver of Care"


"His Ghost"

"Highlights from a Weekend"

"Fear Is a Rocket"

"Come In"

"A Texas Time"

"Mr. Ogilvie"

"My Driftwood Imp"

"The Blue Wall"


"Pat It and Prick It"

"Saturday Night in Town"

"The Transport Box"

"With a Count-In"


"A Boy Who Loved Apples"

"Add Friend"

"Savings Time"


"Minus the Spring"

"Shoot the Shit"



"And the Life"

"Boy, Reversed"


"Banshee Friends"

"The Closet Game"

"The Side Room"


"Water Bottle"

"Bird Skulls"

"Uncle Dad"

"Buck a Drive"

"Cliffs for Cliffs"

"Nickel Coffee"

"Fetch and Ferry"

"When I Write the Letters I Do Not Send"


"See Me See Him Seeing Me"

"Cartoon Hearts"

"The Stopping"

"Drama I."


"A Gooseneck Lamp"

"Jesus Changes Everything"


"Die Graduatio"

"Side-Scrolling Games"

"The Summer Friend"

"Bitch of It"

"Farm Free"

"Seedless Cherries"

"Face Faces"

"The Heat Bringer"

"Tucking Fingers"

"Visit to the Babe"

"Clean Leap"


"Head to Give"

"Hedgehogs Are Dicks"

"Get On My Lawn"

"Captain's Walk"

"The Ghost Grew Legs"

"After Over Starts"

"Breakfast Goals"

"Early Kiss"

"Orange Buddies"

"The Half Slip"

"The Firing of a Wedding Band Drummer"

"The Voice on the Beach"

"Late for the Game"

"Dogs Deep"

"Coffee Streaks"

"The Echo Blow"

"Frog Boy Skin"

"The Backyard Dancer"


"Wheelbarrow Rides"

"Your New Skin Color"

"Everything on Them"

"The Winter Meal"

"The Compliment Game"

“One Man’s Gates”

“Reunion Week”

“Out of the Book”

“Upon Becoming a Ghost”

“Teeth and Hands”

“The Actual”

“The Man Who Takes My Train”


“The Coming of the Christ”

“Welts Not Welts”

“Carpet Dragons”

“The Trellis Wave”

“Just Not Right Away”

“Devil Lines”

“The Sweat in the Leather”

“A Start and a Place”


“All I Do Is Laugh”

“Tomato Cages”

“Lucky Dogs”


“Lana and Dave”


“Drop Paper”

“Ringeth Over”

“Walk Off”

“Ready to Go”

“The Girl Who Couldn’t Cry”

“There Is No Young and There Is No Old”

“The Fight Is Real”

“Two-Ghost Job”

“Thunder and Lightning Go Grocery Shopping”

“Thunder and Lightning”

“Ticks of the High Seas”

“Out Back”

“Daughter Bear”

“Part of the Service”

“What to Whom”

“Bed Curls”

“The Everything”

“Hush Little”

“Darkness Within Darkness”

“Don’t Be Bitch: A Putin Satire”

“The Parable of the Woodpecker”


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