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Sunday 6/7/20

This is a week to bring what is here called the MFI--meaning, the motherfucking intensity. Walked ten miles today. Ran the BC Conte Forum steps ten times. Today marks 1463 days (209 weeks) without a drink. This feature on the cinematic techniques employed in The Last Dance came out in The American Interest. On Tuesday on Downtown, I will discuss what an actual martyr is and how our post-literate society hijacks language because fewer and fewer people know what words mean; also, the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" and how its themes are manifesting in our time as we hunt people a new way; iPhone auteurs and a new kind of cinema-verite violence which is increasingly deadening us to the spectacle of brutality; the 1970 film Gimme Shelter; and also my recent JazzTimes pieces on George Floyd/Coltrane's "Alabama" and Jimmy Cobb (this second one will be out this week). At BC someone asked me if I was a student there. Boom--result. A woman who works at Starbucks always calls me Collins and did so today but I do not correct her because she is very sweet. (Also, in full disclosure, hot. Not that that's why I don't correct her. Just an observation.) I worked on one of those three major stories I mentioned in my head on my walk, but there wasn't much to do. The time comes when it is time for performance, and nothing more. The time for the rest of that story has come. One more Revels song before I grab something to eat, something I have not done today, here at quarter of six. It's a medley--"Can the Circle Be Unbroken"/"This Land Is Your Land." And this is just for me. Something by the Datsuns called "Motherfucker from Hell." Or someone bringing the MFI and fighting his way out of hell.

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