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Thursday 10/26/23

You shouldn't have a gun. No one should have a gun. I'm sure you can figure out how to live your life without a gun. Simple. If you can't figure out how to live your life without a gun, you have massive problems that you should probably be focusing on instead.

As the latest mass shooting/subsequent man hunt comes to a close in Maine--and many lives are forever destroyed--I see idiots doing what idiots do and writing, "Prayers up." That's great. Super. Awesome contribution. Thanks for playing along as a member of society.

Then I see people arguing whether it's the guns or the mental illness. This is also simple. Almost everyone is mentally ill now. Broken in some way, and usually myriad ways. Profoundly unwell. Does that mean they're going to shoot people? Obviously not. But you'll have to go through many hundreds, if not thousands of people now, if not tens of thousands, before you find someone reasonably together and well-adjusted. There are too many factors in our diseased society--and people are too weak to simply be whole and healthy on their own--that militate against this.

So you know what it is? It's both. It's that people are sick and a wreck mentally, and it's guns.

Can you even imagine me having a gun? I can't imagine Thoreau having a gun. My parents having a gun. No one should have a gun and certainly no one should have the kind of gun that is used for all of these killings.


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