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Monday 2/26/24

Just wrote a new op-ed on time. Done. Excellent.

Now back to "Friendship Bracelet." Good, lively pace to things so far today. 100 push-ups done in the hall. Feel strong today, so that's just the start.

Today is the anniversary of my father's passing. Will of course call my mom later. Hopefully she's out and about. Maybe sees the kids. I'm sure my buddy would brighten her day.

My sister sent me some video of Lilah's last basketball game. She doesn't basketball, but having started the season--the little season--the rule was that she had to finish it out. She made a nice pass in the video.

My sister also emailed me a photo of my nephew's history project, which was about Paul Revere, a neighbor of mine. Then he was listening to the Beatles' "Octopus's Garden" and wanted to know who was playing guitar, so I provided that bit of information.

Lay in bed last night and began thinking up a new story.

Listened to the first volume of Paul Lewis's cycle of Beethoven's piano sonatas this morning. Isn't that the stuff?

Was listening to Joy Division's final show last night--the full audience recording, which means a different source for the gig than what we get on Still, and the full version of "Ceremony," which is one of the most powerful things I've ever heard. When Ian Curtis is finally audible, singing, "I'll break them all/No mercy shown/Heaven knows it's got to be this time..."

Time, man.


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