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Thursday 2/29/24

The wind was wild last night and remains so this morning. It's like it's trying to communicate with the various sounds it makes. The door has been rattling, despite the window in the hallway being closed. The wind is finding a way to produce that movement despite remaining--or otherwise remaining--outside.

I lay in bed last night and did various amounts of head work on ghost stories pertaining to cliffs, food, and planes.

Saw a woman on Facebook who hires herself out as a "mindfulness coach." As I've said, people just want to be lied to. They'll pay to be lied to. They will pay the biggest idiots up to the most obvious grifts to lie to them. That's how people live their lives now. As lies. You pay money to maintain your home. The upkeep. Fix this, fix that. Replace this. People are the same way in the word, at this point, with lies. Maintain the lie. Add on. Swap out this person who didn't lie enough to bring in this person who does. Cut out this source of information if it gets in the way of the lies. They assemble the people of their lives this way, too. Look at the writing community. That's all that is. Posturing for lies.

People just want to wallow in their own kind of mud. That is now the prime criteria of consumerism and living. Is that my kind of mud? And when it's confirmed that, yes, it is the same kind of mud, just sitting there in a hole of it, ass first, feet up, all but officially opiated.

I was speaking to a twenty-seven-year-old woman the other day. I just couldn't. Ten stupid remarks in a row. It's not an age-specific thing. What age is everyone? They aren't ages, as in, age is indicative of very much. Not when nearly everyone is the same brand of stupid, simple, lazy, uncurious, substance-less. I tried to hang in there, but I couldn't. It's like I have a quota. Ten stupid remarks, say. You can see a person's inability to cogitate, to put things together, to reason, in just about every remark they make. It takes no time to hit that ten. And it's not just that people have nothing intelligent to say, they don't even have anything to say at all right now. That's the world. No one is going to say anything. What they say will say what billions of others say. There won't even be a hint of personality, anything individualistic. The individual no longer exists in our world.

I like when the wind is like this. It shows spirit and it sounds like it knows things. Ancient things. Things from before there were people.


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