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A D.A.B and some form of a monster

Saturday 10/23/21

I didn't want to sully that earlier entry this morning by including this with it, but it's nice to see that the stream of intelligence flows on unimpeded. Look at these wonderful dating options! Most of the people I know are tucked away in their respective nooks. Their intercourse with humanity is limited. One could say that they don't take the scenic route to life, in that instead they make the A-B line, as direct as possible to the store and back. That is, they have their heads down, they interact with their immediate family, the in-laws when that is required, they don't really have friends, they do their job, and they deal with as few people--directly or indirectly--as possible. They don't know that what one sees here is closer to the norm than not the norm. There is nothing rare about what you're about to see.

In this first instance, we have a self-proclaimed "down ass bitch," which, as one probably surmised, is exactly what I'm looking for. And behold those wise words on making merry with the drink and the sagacity that follows. Isn't that profound? Plus all of the talk of the mud! For a moment, I thought I was reading Thoreau, with his ruminations on twining with the earth. ("So freaking muddy.") To be fair, this is actually better written--and no, I'm not lying--than ninety percent of the profiles I see. The "if at all" surprised me. We are an illiterate society.

Then we have this charmer, with her obvious affability and people skills, generosity of spirit, and progressive views on race in America. Not often does one evince a mothering nature without coming across as maternal--for who wants the attendant Oedipal issues?--but we can note her faith in friendship as the quality that must undergird any successful relationship. Don't you think? She values herself and that is what enables her to value others--something she's clearly pretty good at! (Sounds like she's also a nature lover, too.) You know, I wouldn't normally go this route, but these two have such allure, that I wonder if I might pitch them both on the possibility of us all becoming one of those throuples. Right? That would probably work.


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