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A note to my stalkers

Monday 11/8/21

This is an entry for you. You know who you are. You should also probably know that I see the IP addresses, and I have names that go along with them. Where people are, what street they are on. There are technologies, too, that allow one to grab the IP addresses of trolls who are out there, doing troll stuff--which always comes to my attention--and then tabulate that IP address against someone who visits/stalks this site a hundred times over in mere days. It's also very easy to contact the employers of these people. I kindly ask that if you're stalking me--nice of me not to expose you on here yet, though, sadly, some of you are about to be exposed, which is going to be upsetting for the relevant parties--that you cease stalking me, and also that you please don't murder me. Because I'm getting some real murder-y vibes from some of the obsessives out there. It's truly disturbing. I rile you up that much? That I am what I am affects you in this way? Rather than obsessing over me, maybe work on being a better, more productive person. Maybe rid yourself of some toxicity. Don't get manic about someone you screwed over. Try working on that whole discrimination thing if you're someone who would never read the read the masterpiece you were emailed, because of who it came from--someone who is everything you are not, who did you no wrong--but yet you'll spend hours--many, many hours--on this site. Hating. Says everything about the state of publishing right there. But there are some of you I'm addressing who have nothing to do with publishing. Find purpose. Hating and obsessing over me because I'm nothing like you isn't enough of one. You're not who any of this is for. This is for decent people who don't harbor hate in their core, who value truth and morality, who believe there is merit in becoming more human, and that to become less so is to fail at life. This is for those people. Everyone knows who they are, at least in that sense. And you know who you are. I know it too.

(NB: I realized tonight that I spelled Raluca Albu's name wrong in her various entries, of which more are coming. I write a lot, and this is not someone of consequence. It's an evil, envious person, who then contacts other evil, envious people and tells them to also discriminate, because this is how all of this works. But they already were, so it really doesn't matter. And it's certainly not going to matter ultimately.)


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